Transfer of Shares

Transfer of Shares lowest price in India..

One Person Company Registration

Company Registration in India-Trademark Registration in India-ISO certificaton in India

Register One Person Company with authorised capital upto Rs. 10 Lacs at just Rs. 14000, and get 1 DSC, 1 DIN, MOA, AOA, COI, PAN, Rubber Stamp and Share Certificate absolutely free.

Private Limited Company

Register private limited company with authorised capital upto Rs. 10 Lacs at just Rs. 15000, and get 1 DSC, 2 DIN, MOA, AOA, COI, PAN, Rubber Stamp and Share Certificate absolutely free.

Public Company Registration

Company Registration in India-Trademark Registration in India-ISO certificaton in India

Register public limited company with authorised capital of Rs. 1 Lac at just Rs. 25000, and get 3 DSC, 3 DIN, MOA, AOA, COI, PAN, Rubber Stamp and Share Certificate absolutely free.

Section 8 Company Registration

Company Registration in India-Trademark registration in India-ISO certification in India

Register Sectioin 8 Company without capital at just Rs. 21000, and get 2 DSC, 2 DIN, MOA, AOA, COI, PAN, Rubber Stamp and Share Certificate absolutely free.

Producer Company Registration

Register producer company with authorised capital at just Rs. 85000, and get 3 DSC, 3 DIN, MOA, AOA, COI, PAN, Rubber Stamp and Share Certificate absolutely free.

Nidhi Company Registration

Register Nidhi company with authorised capital of Rs. 10 Lacs at just Rs. 110000, and get 3 DSC, 3 DIN, MOA, AOA, COI, PAN, Rubber Stamp and Share Certificate absolutely free.


Company means association of persons, but in legal term it means those types of institutions which are registered under Companies Act. 2013 as company. Company can either be Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company. Private Limited Companies are those companies which can arrange funds from private sources like from family, friends etc. but on other hand, public limited companies can arrange funds or loans from public.

Private Limited companies are registered either with minimum one shareholder and one director(Known as one person company) or with minimum two shareholders and two directors. Whereas public limited companies are registered with minimum 7 members and minimum 3 directors.

Benefits of Company Registration

Limited Liability.

Liability of shareholders at time of closure or winding up is limited to amount of shares they have agreed to buy.

Perpetual Succession.

Company’s life is not affected by lives of shareholders or directors. Once incorporation, it can operate up to unlimited period of time.

Easy Transferability.

Shares of companies are easy transferrable. Thus, you can any time sell ownership of company by selling shares of company to purchaser.

Separate Legal Entity.

Company has existence separate from its promoters. It can own properties; it can sue or be sued in its name. It can take loans.

Borrowing Capacity.

Company can raise capital by issue of debentures, bonds or shares. It can take loans from banks, financial institutions and public at Large.


Company is the most famous and widely accepted form of business registration.

We Follow a simple process Here is how we will process your company registration process

1. Order Placement

You place order and submit, upload and mail your documents to us.

2. Application Filing

Once you submit documents and make payment of fees, we check your documents, and file company registration application.

3. Application Tracking

We keep tracking on status of your application and follow up with the department.

4. Company Registered

Your company is now registered. We prepare your company kit and hand over it to you.


Is it necessary to have two directors & two shareholders in the company?

No, now you can register one person private limited company(popularly known as OPC) with one shareholder and one director.

How much time does it take to register a company in India?

Usually, a private limited company is registered in 4-5 days.

Who can be member of a company?

Any person who is competent to contract, can be shareholder of company. Minor and Lunatic persons can not be member (shareholder) of the company.

Are you required to be physically present for company registration?

No, but you may be told to come online in order to prove your existence and also in order to take your confirmation for using your documents in registration of your company.

Can NRIs/Foreigners become directors & shareholders in the company?

Yes, NRIs and Foreigners can become shareholders and directors of the company.

What is Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is a device which carries your identity details in pfx form. It is used to authenticate electronic documents. Digital Signature is also called as “DSC” in short.

Are you required to pay any other fee for company registration apart from what we have quoted?

No,you wont have to pay any other amount apart from the fees which we have quoted for company registration.

What are Article of Association & Memorandum of Association?

Article of Association and Memorandum of Association are bye-laws of company. Where Article of Association talks about rule and regulations of working of the company, Memorandum of Association talks about constitution of the company, it has details like authorised capital, paid-up capital,main objective, shareholders, registered office and ancilliary objective of the company.

How can you check authencity of works done by us?

Once your company is registered, you can cross check details of your company on, which is a government website.

What are you waiting for? Register your company now.

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A-to-Z Business Services at one place Register your business, manage your business, protect your business and grow your business with us.

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LLP Registration, OPC Registration, Company Registration, NGO Registration and many more.

Manage Your Business

EPF Registration, ESIC Registration, Service Tax Registration, CST and VAT Registration, ISO Certification, FSSAI Certification and many more..

Protect Your Business

Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration, Patent Registration, Design Registration, Brand Registration and many more..

Grow Your Business

Website Designing, Website Development, Software Development, Apps Development, Bulk SMS, Bulk Email, SEO, Online Marketing and many more..

Want to register your company in hassle free manner?

All Services at a glance

1. Business Startup Services

Proprietorship Registration

Rs. 2000 Onward (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Partnership Registration

Rs. 3500 All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

LLP Registration

Rs. 10000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

OPC Registration

Rs. 14000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Private Company Registration

Rs. 15000 Onward (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Public Company Registration

Rs. 25000 All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Nidhi Company Registration

Rs. 110000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Producer Company Registration

Rs. 80000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Scction 8 Company Registration

Rs. 25000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Trust Registration

Rs. 13000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Society Registration

Rs. 10000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Import Export Registration

Rs. 4500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Services for Managing your Business

EPF Registration

Rs. 8500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

ESIC Registration

Rs. 8500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Service Tax Registration

Rs. 2500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

ISO Certification

Rs. 6500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Trademark Registration

Rs. 5500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Copyright Registration

Rs. 4500 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Patent Registration

Rs. 35000 (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

Website Designing

Rs. 3500 Onwards (All Inclusive, No Hidden Price).

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About Company is a proud initiative of Meerad Business Solutions. Meerad Business Solutions is a firm started by a company secretary and now being managed by a team of duly qualified company secretaries, chartered accountants, cost accountants, lawyers, IT professionals, Website Developers and Software Developers. From last few years, Meerad has been providing services to every category of entrepreneurs living in different part of India and the world. Meerad has many other website but is a very special one in the sense, this is first time, when registration services and other services have been started being provided online without need for customers to visit office. First time, we have made every process online. After serving entrepreneurs of Bihar and Jharkhand state of India, we are all set to provide A to Z Business services to entrepreneurs living in other parts of the country and the world with our competent expert team, dedicated service, timely delivery and unbeatable price.


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Piyush Vishal-Company registration expert in India
Piyush Vishal - Director

I welcome you to our website. Team of is dedicated to provide you A to Z services that you as an entrepreneur, business man or industrialist may require at the time of starting your business, managing your business, protecting your business or growing your business at lowest price without compromising quality of services. We always try to maintain transparency in doing our business. Our experts give honest advice and suggest customers the best option with all alternatives according to their needs and requirement without concerning about what quantum of fees they get from you. The ideal of our foundation is to help entrepreneurs irrespective of caste, creed, income background in starting up their business, managing their businesses, protecting their businesses and growing their businesses successfully. I think this is the best way we can support Growing India and Growing Bihar and Jharkhand.

What We Do? Here are the services that you can get from us.

Business Registration

We provide complete business registration services. If you are non resident, we will help you in setting up branch office or in starting new company in India and if you are Indian, we can help you in registration of your business in India.

Business and Industrial Licensing

Government has made it mandatory for different types of licenses for different types of businesses or industries. We help you in getting them..

Accounting, Auditing and Taxation

We provide accounting, auditing and taxation services..

Product Or Service Quality certification

After starting business, it is beneficial to get quality of your products and services certified by an external independent body. It helps you in building trust in mind of customers about your products or services..

Agreement and Deed Drafting

We provide services of drafting legal notices, agreements and deeds.

Website Development and Online marketing

Today is era of internet and technology. No one can ignore them. Therefore, we have built up a team of Engineers and IT professionals, who provide complete IT services to entrepreneurs at lowest price..

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Unbeatable Price

We never let our customers ho away due to price factor. We quote lower price ans give big discount to customers from time to time.

Complete Service

If you choose us, you will get complete service under one roof. You wont have to go to different professionals for different works.

5 ways to raise complains

Yes, you heard right. You can raise complains in 5 ways, example: by calling on our contact numbers, by whats app, by email, by live chat and by raising support tickets.

Dedicated Expert

We provide a dedicated expert, who looks after your work, keep updating you on status of works from time to time and answer to all your queries till completion of your works.

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